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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Red Bull Won't Appeal

In this story in today, Red Bull Racing owner Dietrich Mateschitz says that Red Bull will not be joining the other Michelin teams in appealing against the recent World Motorsport Council verdict.

Curiously, he says that since there is no punishment, Red Bull will not be appealing. But I thought that the sentencing was merely suspended until September. Whilst Mad Max has recently said that points won't be deducted and race bans unlikely, nevertheless he does speak of financial penalties for the teams.

Interestingly, the article does point out that if the guilty verdict is overturned on appeal, Red Bull will be the sole guilty party remaining and they'd be solely liable as well.

Of course Mateschitz is denying that his securing of Ferrari power units has anything to do with the decision not to appeal. Yeah right. A few months ago Peter Sauber denied that BMW would be purchasing Sauber, now look what happened.

While there's no official word from Red Bull, nevertheless, Bernie claims that they too have signed on the new Concorde agreement. His alignment with the Axis Of Evil (Ferrari, FOM, FIA) is pretty much done. Independence on political matters Dieter? That's a good one.

Like many other people, I quite admired Red Bull's achievements especially during the first few races of this season. But their decisions lately have caused a change of heart. Just like Sauber, do they really expect that Ferrari would let themselves be beaten by a customer team? I'd echo Eddie Jordan's sentiments of many years ago. I just can't understand how anyone would go racing with the knowledge that they don't have a fair shot at winning.

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