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Friday, July 08, 2005

Fans Love The Classics

The results of the FIA survey is in. I was particularly interested in the bit about circuits.

Absolutely wonderful to see that fans around the world agree that classic tracks like Monaco, Spa and Silverstone are tops, whereas most of the Tilke designed dogs are way down the order. Are you hearing this Hermann? Your tracks suck and most people wouldn't give a damn if they disappeared.

Sepang is actually way down the list if you discount newly constructed Istanbul, Shanghai and Bahrain. In fact only the ungodly Hungaroring does worse. And that makes me sad because I've always thought Moron Tilke concentrated more on the shopping strip in the middle of the track rather than the track itself. I really wished he had designed to track better and made it faster. Everytime I drive in Sepang, those slow corners turns 1, 2, 4, 9, 14 and 15 just makes me frustrated. Instead of giving us sweeps and fast turns, he gave us hairpin after hairpin, drag race after drag race.

I think Bernie should give credit then to Silverstone and Spa and quit harping on about places like Sepang and Shanghai. They're dogs Bernie. Silverstones got more character in Copse corner alone than the entire Shanghai track put together. Ask any of the racers racing in Northants this weekend. They all love it. Only Bernie seem to have a problem.

Other interesting facts about circuits is that younger fans seem to want more countries and new circuits added to the calendar whereas older punters (I think that it includes me) couldn't give a damn. In fact, I think screw adding newer countries but bring back more classic racing tracks. Like Brands for instance or Bernie's own Paul Ricard for another.

The order of circuits in the survey:
1. Monaco
2. Spa (This really should've been number 1)
3. Silverstone (Those who've driven on it absolutely love it. Including yours truly)
4. Monza (I was a passenger in a taxi ride around this one. Back in the day when it was way, way quicker)
5. Suzuka (May it always host the Japanese Grand Prix instead of the Tilke modified dog at Fuji)
6. Imola
7. Montreal
8. Hockenheim (How did this dog get all the way up here?)
9. Nurburgring (Hmm.... must be those bloody Germans)
10. Melbourne
11. Indianapolis (Yeah, but would the Americans still want to watch F1 over there?)
12. Interlagos
13. Barcelona
14. Magny-Cours (Deserves a higher placing than Nurburgring)
15. Sepang (They should get rid of all the circuits from this one and all below).
16. Hungaroring (How did it ever make it into F1 in the first place?)
17. Bahrain (Sucks)
18. Shanghai (Sucks big time)
19. Istanbul (Remains to be seen but looks like it would suck)

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cccp said...

is it easier to overtake on a fast circuit or a slow circuit? personally i love races at spa, silverstone, and monza. fast circuits, but with overtaking opportunities, if the drivers are brave enough.