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Monday, July 04, 2005

Tyrannical Behaviour

Underlying the fact that there is something egomaniacal about Max Mosley, we hear over the weekend that the Grand Prix Drivers Association and the FIA president have come to some sort of acrimony over the drivers' recent statement on Indianapolis.

19 drivers from the affected Michelin teams together with the two Minardi drivers signed a statement recently expressing concerns over the black weekend in America. Specifically, the drivers shot down the FIA suggestions for the race to be held under a speed limit as "unworkable, unpoliceable and unsafe."

Not all members of the GPDA agreed to sign the document. The Ferrari and Jordan drivers both declined to sign. Michael Schumacher claimed that this was a Renault initiative and not one by the GPDA. Fellow GPDA director Jarno Trulli responded by saying that the statement was passed around via GPDA e-mail so no one (read Michael Schumacher) could say they didn't receive it.

Jean Todt recently commented that there was "no pressure" applied to their drivers from the team to stop them from signing the agreement. I think I believe him. Only because there was no need for any pressure. After all, Ferrari and Schumacher benefitted enormously from the farce and if anyone remembers, the suggestion to dive into the pitlane on every lap belonged to one Rubens Barrichello after the race. This was later picked up by the World Motorsport Council in their verdict. That in itself was extremely funny since it amounted to a legal blunder. The teams were never charged for it but it appeared in the verdict.

Similarly Jordan, who picked up a nice gift at Indianapolis. Tiago ain't going to join in and neither will Narain Karthikeyan who in this story simply heaped blame on Michelin.

It appears that the FIA statement has irked Mad Max. This is unconfirmed of course and even David Coulthard, top signatory of the drivers' statement has said that the press is only getting half the story.

But if it is true that Mad Max is indeed mad over the statement, then it simply shows this person's state of mind. Any challenge to his views is simply not acceptable. Every and any difference of opinion must be shot down and hard. Even if it is backed by the majority of drivers. Yes I know its unconfirmed. But I wouldn't be surprised if that was his reaction. To take it with style and grace is simply not in keeping with Mosley. He prefers the dictatorial hammer against the dissidents.

As Frank Williams would say, Max is corrupt by power. Just like any tyrannical dictator.

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