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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Quotes from Max and Bernie

In this interview with ITV Max Mosley we pick up this quote:

"What the teams like or don’t like really, with all respect to them, doesn’t matter. They don’t elect me and they came into our Formula 1 world championship – which we, the FIA started 50 [sic] years ago – because it suited them.

And if it doesn’t suit them any more they can go and run a private series. We would allow them to do that; we wouldn’t impede them in any way.

But if they want to be in the Formula 1 world championship, it’s the FIA’s Formula 1 world championship, not the teams’, and they will do it on the terms of the FIA.

And the president of the FIA will be somebody who’s elected by the 122 countries which belong, and if the teams don’t like it – to be very blunt, it’s too bad.

Oooh yeah. The ego-maniacal statements are certainly flying out now innit Max? Nice way of treating the people who pour billions into "your" sport every single year.

And in this article in UK Daily Mirror, Bernie really lets fly against the manufacturers. I like this particular quote though : "They don't know what they don't know...... They are like guys who have read dirty books but have never been to bed with a woman."

But he's right about one thing though: "It's got so corporate now that I'm surprised some of the English teams don't send their drivers out on to the grid wearing bowler hats. What we need is another James Hunt." Hear! Hear!

However, if you've ever doubted that Ferrari are the FIA and Bernie's favourites and that they're really in bed together, the quote to read is this: "There have been thousands of different formats and regulations over the years and lots of famous teams that have come and gone. Only Ferrari is still around. Do the public give a stuff about the engine manufacturers? Not really. But they do care about Ferrari. And Ferrari would still be in the FIA championship."

In my humble opinion, Ferrari are indeed the most glamorous team out there but that shouldn't buy them special favours with the Establishment, nor should the Establishment go out of their way to please them, nor should Ferrari gain special privileges.

Despite Bernie's claims that the manufacturers are in Formula 1 to make more money, that doesn't mean you give Ferrari more money for coming in last in the championship. Its not just a question of egos, Bernie. You miss the point. Equality and transparency are essential ingredients of sport. These are missing from Formula 1 at the moment.

And sorry Bernie. Ferrari aren't the only teams the fans care about, as it was plainly obvious in Magny Cours and Barcelona. I certainly couldn't give a crap about those mafiosi at Maranello. Some of us who began watching Formula 1 in the early eighties when Ferrari were being hammered, certainly hold McLaren and Williams dearer. Particularly since they had some great drivers in them like Prost, Senna and Mansell. In fact, when Michael Schumacher was all conquering in the Benetton in 94-95, I remember the team built up quite a huge following.

The FIA and Bernie may argue about teams but certainly the drivers should not be overlooked. Mark Webber is correct in stating that ultimately the fans come to watch the drivers. I would argue that Ferrari's popularity is certainly down to Schumacher and not the team itself.

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