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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Connecting The Dots

The Mole is back on and after some inane drivel suggests a very interesting conspiracy theory.

Max, as everyone knows, won the vote of no-confidence some months ago with the help of some dubious affiliates of the FIA. One of these being a certain Mohammad Bin Sulayem. Coincidentally also, this chap is the brother of Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, the head of the Dubai World sovereign wealth fund.

Furthermore, there have been hints by Max himself that a sovereign wealth fund will be buying over the commercial rights to Formula 1 from CVC itself. Could the Dubai World fund be that organisation? Especially given how supportive the Bin Sulayems have been of Max? Intriguing....


It seems you can't keep good engineers down. carries this story that points to engine developments in Formula 1 despite the homologation rules and the attendant engine freeze.

It seems engineers have been slipping in horsepower upgrades along with so called reliability improvements to engines and this has resulted in some teams gaining horsepower advantages over others. This of course is an age old tradition not only in grand prix racing but in all forms of motorsport, to poke, bend and stretch rules to the breaking point.

Reportedly playboy Flav is not amused with these developments and have sought to air his grievances in the media. Screw Flavio Briatore. No secret of course that he was displayed tremendous enthusiasm of the stupid engine freeze to begin with. Of course he would for at the time that the proposal was being made, the Renault was the car to have. How nice it would have been for the Renault team to have frozen 2005/2006 in time.

But engineers are smarter than this and as declares "That is the essence of Formula 1 ingenuity and, as such, should be applauded." I agree wholeheartedly and long may it continue