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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Little Too Late

Though I've almost completely stopped watching Grands Prix (can't remember the last time I did), I do on occasion browse through the news websites, notably Pitpass and I've completely stopped going to the F1 website equivalent of (British) The Sun newspaper, Planet F1.

So I've noticed lately Pitpass being highly critical of the monetary greed in Formula 1. More than once aiming its sights on the loathsome CVC.

Funny, I had been saying the same thing for years now. Even from back in the day when Pitpass (et al) was singing praises and in full support of the expansion of Formula 1. Not least because it gave them more readership I suppose.

Let me just reiterate the point I made in my previous post. They so wanted to expand the appeal of Formula 1 particularly to those bunch of idiots called the casual fan. Well, all it did was drive away the core enthusiasts. People like me who have been following the sport for nigh on 32 years. And now for some reason, the very casual fans are also deserting the support as evidenced by falling television audiences.

The only way to stop the decay is to bring back the purity of the racing - and not keep tweaking and introducing artificiality into the "sport." But Pitpass is of the opinion in their latest article that this is not possible. I'd beg to differ but I couldn't care less anymore.

Actually I do hope that Formula 1 decays even further until such point we can be rid of people like CVC and all the money men. As a (previous) fan I hate being used as some sort of cash cow to make a bunch of financier and a senile old fart in Bernie wealthier. Fuck off bitches. Leave for good!

Oh and Pitpass... instead of referring to the rest of us who are not you as Para Sites, why don't you have a careful look at our arguments instead. Because, when it comes to the greed and the decay of Grand Prix racing, I beat you to it nearly a decade ago.