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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Drivers Openly Protest

Following on from my previous post, now there's this story on The drivers apparently have decided to go public as the GPDA against Max Mosley.

In a letter from the drivers to the FIA president they charge that they are "concerned to learn that during the course of this telephone conversation you suggested the FIA might withdraw support for the ongoing safety initiatives of the GPDA." The telephone conversation refers to the telephone call between David Coulthard and Max Mosley recently.

In addition they assert that Mosley "dissuaded driver representation in Paris for the World Motor Sport Council meeting."

The letter was signed by all the drivers including Rubens Barrichello. Curious then that he did not sign the original drivers statement.

Michael Schumacher and the two Red Bull drivers did not sign. That includes Coulthard. Strange. But I suppose having recently signed for Red Bull and given that Red Bull will not appeal against the World Motorsport Council decision, it perhaps comes as no surprise. The Red Bull camp is thought to be firmly behind the FIA and Ferrari. I doubt if they want to disturb the applecart any further.

This situation is getting more confusing by the minute. If indeed the drivers's concern is safety why is the president of the GPDA, Michael Schumacher keeping ever so silent? Bernie is no where to be seen or heard either.

Update: Now Mark Webber is also openly against the damned regulations. Too right, mate. Give us back 12 lap qualifying. Give us back unlimited laps. Off with that lawyer's head!

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