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Thursday, June 30, 2005

More On The Verdict

Excellent editorial at PlanetF1 commenting on the World Motorsport Council Verdict. Read it here.

I think everyone's just about picked up the huge mistake made by the FIA in their judgement. (See my previous post.) But I like the comment on the PlanetF1 editorial and I quote:

"By finding them guilty of a charge that wasn’t levelled against them the FIA have broken a simple legal principle; if someone’s being tried for stealing a sheep, they can’t be found guilty of stealing the sheepdog."

And Mad Max is a lawyer to boot!

But another interesting comment on the editorial is this: "Basically, this great safety organisation was suggesting that the 14 Michelin runners should use the pitlane every lap. Though Indy has a wide one, the pitlane is still a place where the refuelling equipment is kept and there are no barriers separating the pit crews working on cars from cars who would have been racing for position."

Too right, mate. But most importantly, what kind of a race would that be if on every lap cars are driving through the pitlane? I'm sure the fans would have found it absolutely ridiculous.

And yet again I'll say this, it was never discussed before the race and furthermore, it was not in the list of charges brought against the teams. Well done Max. Another nail in your coffin I hope.


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