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Monday, March 07, 2005

McLaren Off Day

Reasons for McLaren's lack of pace over the weekend is starting to emerge. Ron Dennis asserts that Montoya had a moment in the scenery that cost him at least second spot on the podium. Apparently, having an off these days is quite a disaster. Montoya might have recovered from the spin but his tyres had picked up gravel in the incident and started to cool off. This in turn meant that Montoya suffered a lack of grip.

Ron Dennis is apparently quite frustrated about the incident and who would blame him. His cars were quick all winter and I'm sure he, like most of us, quite relished his chances against those French and Italian blokes down the pitlane. Maybe I wasn't paying too close attention, but I never did see Montoya's incidents on TV.

Kimi's car was obviously affected aerodynamically after an incident which cost him his bargeboard. Or was it a deflector? I'm not entirely sure. But it did slow him down very visibly. Ron Dennis also apparently livid that the young Finn stalled his car at the start.

Well, even if you doubt Ron Dennis' explanations for such a lacklustre performance last Sunday, I think we ought to wait a few more races before writing off the McLarens. I still believe that ultimate pace still belongs to them with Renault having the edge on tyres, at least until the F2005 Ferrari makes it race debut.

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