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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

FIA/FOM Madness

From an article at the BBC and I quote:

Among the issues concerning the rival teams and manufacturers are:

* Ferrari are guaranteed $67m (£34.8m) every year - an estimated 15-20% of their budget - before any money is distributed to the other teams.

* Ferrari have absolute veto over all changes agreed by the other teams, even if the other teams agree unanimously.

* Ferrari would get more of F1's commercial revenue if they finished last than any other team would if they won the world championship.

And Mosley dares to say that the manufacturers are living in a fairy tale? This sport is truly dead. That a team can be rewarded for coming in last greater than the world championship winner is absolutely ludicrous. I just don't see how the manufacturers would agree to this. How on Earth did Red Bull allegedly agree to the new Concorde? Just what deal did the devil do with them that they could agree to this? I can understand if Jordan did since former owner Eddie Jordan owes Bernie plenty.

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