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Monday, March 28, 2005

Astute Observations Of An Old Hack

Allow me to point the discerning Formula 1 fan to this fine article on that gives further insight into the GPWC/FIA/Ferrari debate. The article is long but goes some way in explaining perhaps the motivation of the FIAT / Ferrari group. That is money, or the lack of it. The article touches on a whole host of issues underlying the problem including marketing, corporate control and the disposition of the FIAT group.

There are further insights on Shell's role in bankrolling former Benetton personnel Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn and of course Michael Schumacher. Mike Lawrence, the author, has obviously been around for a very long time. He observes that the sport is bigger than any one team and harkens back to the earliest days of grand prix racing to explain why Ferrari's "I am the star" declaration really deserves a place in the waste bin.

All in all I certainly wouldn't have been able to put the arguments better. I suggest you read it for yourself.

I've never actually browsed through Pitpass prior to this but looking at its list of writers, mostly old hands like Mike Lawrence and Eoin Young, you know this website contains some quality. Definitely on my daily reading list from now on.

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