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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

BMW Williams Follow Up

More news on today regarding the alleged split between BMW and Williams. Read the story here. Word has it that Williams has already started looking for a new engine partner. Apparently Cosworth and Toyota have been approached.

Such a shame. In both BMW and Williams we have people with the potential to win world championships. Both have secured world championship wins in the past. So, one would think that this partnership would easily have succeeded eventually. Except that this time, they've had to contend with Michael Schumacher and in its current guise, probably the best squad Formula 1 has ever seen.

If blame were to be apportioned, unfortunately I have to say that Williams shoulders most of it. Most but not all of it. Patrick Head once said back in 1992 that you can't beat McLaren by being more organized. McLaren are by far the most organized team in the sport. In modern times, that can be applied to Ferrari. The only way to beat McLaren according to Head, is to produce a faster car.

And a faster car they have not produced. In fact, since Adrian Newey left their cars are journeyman at best.

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