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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Dream Ends

For the record, I am bitterly disappointed by this outcome. This is only going to lead to more wars over the same issues in the future. Whilst Max has promised to leave, this is not getting rid of CVC. And given the regular and quick u-turns Max has made over the years and even over the last week, how can we be certain that he will indeed leave and go some place to die?

Grand prix racing needed a fresh start, a reload as I had been arguing for the good of the sport, not some grand peace deal and rehashing of ideas and compromises that has always happened. We needed to get rid of all things wrong with the sport and now like cowards they have all decided to sleep with the devil you know.

Will the teams get more of fair revenues of the sport?

And what about running in all those classic circuits that is not only makes more pleasant viewing? What of the fans as demonstrated at Silverstone last weekend? Would you really believe Bernie will not take away the British GP? The US, Canada and France will not now get a grand prix. Now more GPs will move to god forsaken despot run countries in the East. Oh god. There's probably going to be a grand prix in poverty stricken India. All the while Bernie and CVC reap the harvest paid for by taxpayers in countries that do not need grands prix and only offer the most sterile and artificial environments for racing attended by no one.

In my mind, there was far more to lose by staying with the FIA than to breakaway. So much for a bold new future.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. When I woke up today and saw that, it almost sent me into depression :(. No more racing in Montreal :(. Hell, the British GP will go too. We'll get more lame circuits in India and S. Korea. And is Bernie out of his mind?? India is a poor country, there's no way people there would pay for the tickets at the rates the circuits are being forced to charge. Ergh.