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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sport In Disrepute?

Interesting article on Max Mosley and his family is published in the UK's Independent newspaper today. But as the article concludes and as Max himself has said, Max is here to stay. Interesting isn't it? An apology is apparently sufficient for the head of the FIA. Contrast to that with the embattled Finnish minister fired over erotic text messages. But then he ain't the boss, is he?

However, its interesting to note that FIA presidents seem to have rather chequered pasts. Take Jean Marie Balestre, loathed by many but to a far lesser extent than Max. He too, apparently, allied himself with Vichy France during World War II. It seems that the FIA have a knack for Facist leaders. No wonder they keep infuriating everybody.

Max likes to throw the catch all regulation about bringing the sport to disrepute at people from time to time, such as in last year's spy scandal (and really whenever it suited his purpose). Any chance that anyone is clever enough to twist this current episode as to somehow potray Max himself as bringing the sport to disrepute?

Yes, I know I'm clutching at straws. But I am not alone I think in wanting to see this bastard leave the FIA for good! But what are the alternatives to Max? Jean Todt? A motor racing man to be sure and one who perhaps understands it far better than the stupid lawyer currently at the helm. But god, that wouldn't put the Ferrari International Assistance out of existence now, would it? Far from it.

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