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Monday, April 07, 2008

So Who Shall Take His Place?

Scanning the various news headlines on Google News, one gets the sense that Max Mosley's days are truly numbered. Alongside the largest automobile clubs, now former world champions are calling for Mosley's head in a basket. A source for the London's Daily Telegraph has described Mosley as being inflicted by a "deepening madness." Err... I think he has always been more than a little mad and don't we all know this.

Sir Jackie Stewart has made some interesting comments as to the sort of person who should be running the FIA post-Max. Sir Jackie thinks that this should be a person from outside the sport. Someone with a flair for economics and business, a CEO type of character.

Whilst Sir Jackie is not proposing that he take over the FIA, nevertheless his comments have its pros and cons. On one hand, he speaks wisely that this cannot be an ex team principle. Jean Todt for instance has been touted as a Max replacement. Dear Lord, what a dreadful error that would be. Formula 1 would be more of a Ferrari benefit than it already is. No, Mosley's replacement must be a neutral party.

On the other hand, I wonder if someone from outside the sport can truly appreciate motorsport's true essence. The very qualities that have had fans on the edge of their seats for years. Or will an outsider continue Max Mosley's vision of making it more appealing to the "casual viewer," possibly to the detriment of the sport in the long term.

One must ask whether racing as a whole and Formula 1 specifically will continue as a sport or as an unashamed commercial enterprise like wrestling or NASCAR. Some folks (like those at would love it. I think die hard fans would feel rather disgusted by it all, as increasingly evident all over the internet.

Above all though, I feel Mosley's replacement must stand for justice and transparency in his or her decisions and this person should not be afraid to go head to head against that other irrelevant dinosaur named Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari. He or she should also be tough enough to stand up to the other team principles who, being competitive sort of folk require a firm hand in dealing with them. Someone who can make firm decisions and yet not be a dictating tyrant.

The choice for FIA replacement is a crucial one, not only for the sport but for motoring in general. And the choice will not be an easy one. Personally I really cannot think of anyone I'd rather see. I wish the best of luck to whoever steps up to the plate.

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