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Monday, March 31, 2008

Well Well Max

Ordinarily I couldn't give a damn about people's sexual preferences and indulgences, especially when it comes to leaders. My stand has always been that if leaders do their jobs and do it well, then if they wanted to have some fun on the side, either with their official partners or whoever consents then so be it. I guess they are entitled.

I mean take JFK or in recent history Bill Clinton. Neither men are perfect but as far as leadership is concerned and in the balance of things, both men have done well. So what if one had a preference for blonds or the other decided to get head from an intern. They did well leading their country. And yet when Bill's indiscretion became public knowledge outrage struck the media and American public. He lied they said and they would have his head. But really, thats his personal life and should remain private to him.

On the other hand, here's Max, now himself embroiled in a seedy Nazi themed sex orgy, as alleged by the News Of The World. To be fair, the News Of The World is not your most credible of newspapers. However, if this episode leads to the dismissal of Mosley, then I am all for it. For unlike some, his actions (in concert with his cohorts) have changed Formula 1 in particular and motor racing in general for worse, in his pampering to greed and business, rather than spirit and sport. As I said, ordinarily I couldn't care less. But if this can get rid of him, then lets have more of it.

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