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Sunday, May 27, 2007

TV Coverage

So serious are the Malaysian government in re-signing an agreement for future of the Malaysian Grand Prix, they have pulled the broadcast of grand prix from the terrestrial channels. Nowadays it seems, that all terrestrial channels have been compelled to show the prime time evening news whether they like or not.

This year of course TV3 has dropped live coverage and it was taken over by the government operated RTM 2 (or was it RTM1). What I do not fathom is why they have to show the evening news on both RTM 1 and RTM 2 simultaneously? They're both the same broadcast. Anyone wishing to actually watch the government news can choose either one and therefore they could leave the live coverage on the other.

And therefore, we are forced to rely on Star Sports for our grand prix coverage. I've said this before. The ITV broadcast is heaven compared to the babblings of Steve Slater. Just in case you don't realise the Star Sports crew do rely upon the ITV coverage for their information. And so I find it better to actually watch the ITV broadcast.

If Ross Brawn complains about the lack of situational awareness in the ITV broadcast, then he'll absolutely "adore" the Star Sports coverage. And we in South East Asia (or me at least) suffers for it.

In addition, the coverage shown on our Astro satellite channels are a few minutes delayed due to the government's patronising and condescending censorship regulations. So, inevitably the live timings from doesn't synchronise with the telly pictures.

Thank you very much to the Malaysian government for once again taking away our choices. Your services once again, have been absolutely splendid.


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Brian said...

NTV7 will be airing all races of the 2009 Formula One season with able commentary from the BBC crew. I just watched the Australian Grand Prix on March 29. I'll be watching the Sepang races in-person.