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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Indy Awards - Round 5

Here are the results for the Independent Team awards after the Monaco Grand Prix. For more information regarding the scoring system please consult this post.


There a number of real surprises this weekend. First of all, the pace of the Williams and Red Bulls in qualifying was a revelation. Nico Rosberg managed to qualify his car in fifth on the grid and first of the independents. Mark Webber followed him closely, qualifying sixth on the grid and second independent.

More surprising to me was the lack of pace from the two Super Aguris. On average this season, Takuma Sato and Anthony Davidson would manage qualy times that are within two to three tenths of a second of Nico Rosberg's Williams. At Monaco this weekend, the pair were two seconds down. There were a number of reasons for this. The first qualy session was quite a mess with rain falling just before the start of the session. This led to traffic problems for the Super Aguris and then a bad call from the team saw them miss their third qualy run during the first session. Purely a timing mistake. Else I would have thought that if they did go on their normal pace relative to Williams, the pair of them would have made it into the top ten. But as the team themselves humbly admit, they are a young team thats still learning.

The final surprise were the two Toro Rosso. Vitantonio Liuzzi managed to qualify fourth in the first session although as mentioned earlier, conditions this had more to do with conditions than raw pace. In the end though, the Italian managed to 13th on the grid, a marked improvement for the Red Bull sister team. In the race, the Italian crashed but teammate Scott Speed was there to pick up the pieces. Scott ended up finishing in 9th just outside the FIA points. But he did beat Nico Rosberg's Williams, so all credit to the American in this, his best result of the season.

In my previous post today, I praised Nico Rosberg's efforts in the Williams. Its true that he is the leading independent in these awards. But we should spare a thought for Alex Wurz who took the Indy win today. Alex has suffered reliability issues with his Williams, failing to finish in 2 out of the 5 races so far. But when the Austrian has finished a race (on 3 occassions this season) he has beaten Nico 2 out of 3 times. The Austrian is now second in the drivers standings.

Unless Red Bull get their act together soon, it looks like the Indy Awards for both drivers and teams seem destined for Williams. However, I believe Monaco is a very unique and atypical circuit. Normal service should resume as soon as we hit Montreal, where I suspect the Red Bulls once again will be challenging for Indy honours (and who knows, overall FIA honours as well) and I suspect, will be beating Williams. It all depends whether they have the reliability

In the Wag The Dog awards, Williams has become the first team to score maximum points in an event. 6 each goes to both drivers. This means that the both of them have outqualified and outraced both the works Toyotas and also the both of them have had fastest laps quicker than both the works cars. At what that means is that the works Toyotas have been comprehensively and summarily dismissed by the customer. Keep up the good work Frank!

I never thought it would happen but even Toro Rosso has now scored a Wag The Dog point when Liuzzi ended up with a higher grid position than Kimi Raikkonen in the works Ferraris.

Colin Chapman Award - For Best independent drivers / teams

1. Alexander Wurz (Williams)- 10 (9 for race, 1 for fastest lap)
2. Scott Speed (Toro Rosso) - 6
3. Nico Rosberg (Williams) - 5 (4 for race, 1 for pole)
4. David Coulthard (Red Bull) - 3
5. Takuma Sato (Super Aguri) - 2
6. Anthony Davidson (Super Aguri) - 1

1. Williams - 15
2. Toro Rosso - 6
3. Red Bull - 3
=. Super Aguri - 3

Overall Drivers
1. Nico Rosberg - 33
2. Alex Wurz - 25
3. Takuma Sato - 15
=. David Coulthard - 15
5. Mark Webber - 13
6. Anthony Davidson - 12
7. Andre Sutil - 6
=. Scott Speed - 6
9. Vitantonio Liuzzi - 5
=. Christian Albers - 5

Overall Teams
1. Williams - 58
2. RBR - 28
3. Super Aguri - 27
4. Spyker - 11
5. Toro Rosso - 11

Wag The Dog Award - for independent drivers / teams who beat their respective factory teams

1. Alex Wurz - 6 (2 for qualy, 2 for race, 2 for fastest lap)
=. Nico Rosberg - 6 (2 for qualy, 2 for race, 2 for fastest lap)
3. David Coulthard - 2 (1 for qualy, 1 for fastest lap)
4. Mark Webber - 1 (for qualy)
=. Vitantonio Liuzzi - 1 (for qualy)

1. Williams - 12
2. Red Bull - 3
3. Spyker - 1

Overall Drivers
1. Nico Rosberg - 23
2. Takuma Sato - 13
3. Alex Wurz - 11
4. Anthony Davidson - 7
=. Mark Webber - 7
=. David Coulthard - 7
7. Andre Sutil - 1
=. Christian Albers - 1
=. Vitantonio Liuzzi - 1

Overall Teams
1. Williams - 36
2. Super Aguri - 19
3. RBR - 14
4. Spyker - 2
5. Toro Rosso - 1

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