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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hope You're All Happy Now

I guess we've all heard the news by now. If anyone's still reading my posts, you'll know that I am vehemently against Max Mosley's plans for the future. But as I've said previously, I grow tired of tirades and diatribes against Mosley. So far I've tried hard not say anymore negative things about the sport of Formula 1 I've followed for so long. I am going to fail here.

My argument has and always will be that grand prix racing should be the pinnacle of racing technology. The art and science of going fast. However, I also hold that there should be sensible limits placed upon such technologies so that the driver plays an important role in proceedings and isn't relegated to being the monkey that steers the wheel.

Anything else is rubbish.

But I can see there are lots of things in the new proposals that should make a lot of people happy. I've read calls for limited aero development, increased mechanical grip, road and industry relevance so that you can think that your stupid hybrid MPVs and SUVs has some racing pedigree in it.

To satisfy such needs, you now have standard bodywork which cuts aero development to near zero at the cost of resembling a glorified GP2 championship. You're going to have boost buttons which really doesn't add anything at all in terms of action and excitement. And in the same vein, neither will bloody energy recovery systems.

Never mind that grand prix racing is now going to promote biofuels that are going to result in greater deforestation of the planet as third world countries scramble to take advantage of increased world demand.

Oh and isn't traction control due to be banned in 2008? Yes I thought so but they'll be back shortly. In addition, four wheel drive will make a return as well, ensuring that living tissue in the car actually is the monkey that turns the wheels. Brilliant!

All of this so that more manufacturers will come in and they can sell more cars and use F1 as the ultimate promotional tool. And so that we can attract more casual fans to the sport and hey Bernie and CVC can then make even more money. is going to be so pleased. But as more of these manufacturers come in, Minard-coolness is going to be even more confined to the past.

But hey, we all seem to have wanted it, so Max is now aiming to please. Funny. If road relevance is important, shouldn't the FIA be increasing the profile of and developing racing categories like rallying and touring cars? After all, they look uncannily like the cars you and I can drive.

If these new proposals are passed, then Formula 1 as we know it for the past 57 years and beyond will cease to exist. We should all mourn its passing but unfortunately I think many people will actually applaud it.

Rant over. Looking forward to the next instalment of the BTCC.


I almost forgot. As if 2 weekend race engines aren't enough, now Max wants engines to last 5 bloody weekends! Oh the horror...