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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Max Says Carmakers In Cuckoo Land

Max Mosley dimisses the Framework for Post 2007 GP Racing as a mere fairytale. So reads this story here on Max says : "It reads like a fairytale -- wealth for all and beautiful weather every day." Furthermore, he calls the recent boycott of the teams meeting in London as "silly" and "childish."

Quite rightly though he points out that there are no concrete action plans and agreements in place to put that vision to reality. But Max, old boy, what is so wrong with wealth and beautiful weather for all? Should GP Racing simply remain the premise of you and your collaborators, Bernie and Luca alone? The framework I believe should represent the ideals of competing in GP Racing. An objective or mission statement. A constitution if you will, that serves the basis for future discussions and regulations.

I put further that the lack of such a framework or constitution is the reason we have all these silly rules put in place right now. One tyre per weekend, two weekend engines, one lap qualifying to name a few. And what about such proposals from Max as age limits for Formula 1 drivers? Amusingly, such limits do not apply to the team's number one driver. Obviously to keep Michael Schumacher, Formula 1's oldest driver in the game. It is you who are "silly" and "childish" Max. As one reader of PlanetF1 was moved to say, age limits should be set on Max himself! I thought former FISA Jean Marie Balestre was biased. However, I cannot recall this level of silliness that Max displays today.

Max and Bernie are confident though that post 2007, all of these guys will be back on the grid. They do have history on their side though. When Bernie led the FOCA rebellion against FISA in the 80s, FOCA started a breakaway series called the World Professional Drivers Championship. Albeit it only held a single race and it was a failure at that. Nevertheless, it forced FISA to continue their discussions with FOCA that resulted in the Formula 1 you see today, overseen by the Concorde Agreement. So will the manufacturers cave in to Max and Bernie this time?

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