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Friday, February 25, 2005

Kimi The Bookkeper?

Found on PlanetF1:

"We've got a whole range of multi-national brands that are associated with our team and they don't invest in Formula One for this sort of imagery,"

-- McLaren CEO Martin Whitmarsh on Kimi Raikkonen's lap dancing indiscreations

"You don't want drivers to be like book-keepers. A driver needs to have a personality."

-- Flavio Briatore speaking on the same incident

See what I mean? Corporate BS rules supreme. No wonder the sport is such a bore these days. Fans love heros and hard talkers. But it seems that these days, a driver is practically owned by the team and sponsors.

You can blame it all on Ron Dennis who started this trend with McLaren back in the eighties. He introduced PR savvy, "Ron-speak" (much the same dialect as Accenture speak), and the slick, clean, "professional" image beloved by all teams these days. Yes, it does atract the corporate sponsors. But it turns racing teams into corporate drones.

Ironic, given that most corporations are run by merciless cutthroat pirates like this person, ex CEO of Williams' sponsor HP. And McLaren says Kimi's the one who's doing something wrong? I think only his model wife can say something about that. I wonder how he got out of that one. Hmmm.

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