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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

On today, I found this story with this great quote:

"Ferrari has always been special and is tied to F1 just as F1 is tied to Ferrari. It helped to create what F1 is today. It is like in the movies where the stars get paid more. Ferrari is a star and wants to be paid like a star. The others might be frustrated but they would demand the same if they were in our situation." -- Jean Todt

The real message they don't want you to hear:

"Our parent, FIAT, are so broke now they cannot afford to bankroll us at this present level. So, in order for us to spend limitlessly and test endlessly and keep all our shiny facilities and test tracks, we demand that Ferrari receive more money than the others from Mr Bernie. In addition, we are prima donnas and the people, they oh so love us so much. So the other teams must pay us for the privilege of competing against us. Even small insignificant little ones like poor Minardi. I'm sorry they can't even afford to develop this year's car and make it legal, but if they were us, they would crush us to oblivion the same way."

God, I'm just so goddamned sick of Ferrari and their bullshit right now. I so wish their new F2005 didn't look so good and ready for domination but there you go.

For 20 years prior to 2000, the other teams that were slaughtering their arse every weekend didn't make such a big fuss over their own winning ways. Now that Ferrari are back on form, they are getting increasingly arrogant, they think they ARE Formula 1. If ever any team deserved a good arse kicking....


Terence Dove said...

Well, I guess F1 has been looking for a way to nobble Ferrari for a while, and maybe they figured that if they gave ferarri enough rope, some day they would hang themselves.

And it looks like their ego maniachal approach is finally going to catch up with them, they are a big part of F1 for sure, but they are not indespensible.

In fact, I reckon they need to wise up to the fact that maybe the sport would be better off without them....and in that situation the sport may well organise itself to that end!

Terence Dove said...
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Terence Dove said...

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Jay Steele said...

Yeah, I completely agree. This is brutal. What Todt is overlooking is the fact that F1 is supposed to be a sport. And any sport worth its salt does not provide an advantage to any one participant based on its fan-base. Sure, Ferrari brings a lot of fans to F1, I'll agree with that. But it doesn't matter. F1 is a sport. A sport, Jean. Not Hollywood.

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