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Monday, October 17, 2005

How Does He Do It?

What a long Formula 1 season its been. I bet the teams are simply exhausted after that marathon. Don't know about you folks out there but even simply as a fan sitting on my couch for 18 races this year watching it on the telly, even I'm feeling a little jaded. Still a good end to the season especially that thriller in Japan. More importantly the scarlet forces of darkness have been vanquished. Well, for this year at least.

Anyway, with the season done, Kimi and Fernando are off on holiday. They won't be alone I bet. Still, plenty will be back at the factory working hard on next year's challenge.

Flavio Briatore in the meantime I bet is feeling rather good about himself. His client Fernando Alonso's won the championship and his team has won the constructor's title. In this article in he asserts that failure this year would have resulted in his resignation. So he's glad it worked out. But seriously speaking, if they hadn't won it, the Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn would I bet have sharpened the meat cleaver and taken down the entire Formula 1 operation. He's not a particularly big fan of the sport and would love to have used failure as half a reason to get rid of an operation that to him is merely a cost centre that needs the chop.

Well, here's hoping that Carlos will now decide to keep the Renault team around for a long time to come.

So I'll now turn to the happy Flavio. Professionally doing very well. Personally, he's now out with an absolute stunner of a model named Rachel Swaney. Miss Swaney was the 2004 Face of Fosters at the Austrlian Grand Prix. She's gorgeous needless to say. But how the f*** does he do it? He's out with babes that look tons better than most of the driver's partners for f***s sake.

Flavio you must agree is perhaps the ugliest celebrity around. He's butt ugly. Really. And I'm not saying that simply because I'm sour grapes. Jeez man. What the f*** does he say to these women? I mean this guy dates Heidi Klum, gets her knocked up and then dumps her in the middle of her pregnancy. Most blokes I know would hang on to her for dear life.

If Flavio were Malaysian, I'd say he's been visiting the witch doctor. I mean come on. He's not your average Malaysian politician out with the local stewardess turned celebrity here. The women he dates have their pick of the lads. And there are lots of other rich blokes out there who have far better physical appearances. So I simply refuse to believe its about the money.

Argh. I guess I'll just have to resign myself to the fact that life is simply unfair. Still if I ever get a chance to chat with Flavio then I'd say bollocks to talking about Formula 1. I wanna know how he gets supermodels. And just admit it folks. So do you.

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cccp said...

hahaha this was a hilarious post. good one. i once wrote about flavio and his supermodel gfs too. similarly, i questioned all the things you mentioned. but the worst thing is to see flavio sweating from his armpits, and then thinking of his disgusting sweaty body rubbing hot heidi klum's body... that's just plain wrong. god doesn't exist in that sense.