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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bernie Says Ferrari Will Win

Every time that Bernie E opens his mouth, everyone sits up and notice for his words usually have a habit of coming true. Almost without exception. He reminds me of Alan Greenspan. In this article on, he's confident that Ferrari will be back to their winning ways next year. Whilst there's a better than even chance of this happening on its own, I get worried when the Formula 1 boss makes the assertion.

For I am sure, everything will be done to help Maranello back on its feet. Including some smartly made rule alterations. Like bringing back tyre stops for instance. In an age where FIA incumbent president Max Mosley is apparently crusading for cost cutting, here they are wanting to make another major rule change once more.

Months ago when everyone was complaining about how dangerous the one tyre regulation was, the FIA and Max (in the aftermath of Indianapolis) was smartly proclaiming that it is the responsibility of the teams and tyre manufacturers to ensure that correct tyres are brought. So please don't tell us that bringing back tyre stops is a matter of safety. For not long ago, this matter was simply dismissed by the powers.

No, let's be realistic. Tyre stops are meant to get Ferrari and Bridgestone back into a competitive position. A situation that I'm sure, in the wake of falling attendances by Ferrari fans at Monza, Bernie would want. Can't afford to lose those tifosi. Even if they aren't as loyal to their team as they seem.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for tyre stops and tyre changes. Its just that I'm not sure that the powers are changing the rules for the right reasons. Had Ferrari and Bridgestone been competitive this year, I bet there wouldn't be any talk of it. But Luca complains, tifosi stay away from races and suddenly, tyre stops are all the rage again.

But having said that, Bridgestone will be supplying tyres to Williams and Toyota next season, so surely they cannot complain about the lack of top teams aiding in their development next year. And now that Bridgestone do have these two teams in their fold, will Ferrari now give up their relentless and unlimited testing? I very much doubt it but it would interesting to see what excuse they come up with.

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