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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rumour Mongering

Amusing headline covered in various websites and even newspapers this week is the rumour that Michael Schumacher is thinking about switching to McLaren. This story was originally ran by the German Bild newspaper.

Apparently after a couple of meetings between Michael and Norbert Haug in Bernie's motorhome with Willi Webber in tow, the newspaper speculates that Michael has had enough of Ferrari's lack of pace and is ready for a faster car.

This has been denied not just by Michael but also by Willi Webber and by Norbert Haug.

I think the rumours are just plain bullshit though. There's just no way he'd leave "his" team for a place where a certain Ron Dennis would laugh at the thought of preferential treatment for any of his drivers.

Let's however, entertain the thought for a moment. If, I say again, if, it were true you might ask a few questions. Like which McLaren driver is likely to be dropped for instance. And would that driver then be Ferrari bound for another. As for Michael's motivations, could it be that Mercedes is looking for their former prodigy to return to the fold once again. Enough of Latin lovers its time to go back to the German wife as it were.

After all, Michael Schumacher along with Heinz Harald Frentzen was once part of the Mercedes Junior team. This being the Mercedes sportscar team run of course by a certain Peter Sauber. The seniors of the squad of course included multiple Le Mans winner Jochen Mass. I remember Jochen Mass saying that of the two, Heinz Harald was the more gifted talent wise. But perhaps Michael was the more intelligent of the pair. I guess it takes a whole lot more than fancy driving to succeed in the top ranks of the sport.

All highly unlikely of course given the heavy personal investment Michael has made in Ferrari through all the tough times. However improbable some things may be this is Formula 1. Only a few months ago it was unlikely that Barrichello would leave Maranello but look where he is now. And only a few months ago Peter Sauber was vehemently denying a BMW buyout and now look what happened. The only thing we can say is that the chances of Michael leaving is much smaller than Rubens leaving the team.

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