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Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Rumours

It seems that the Bild newspaper in Germany is at it again. Now it is alleged by them that Kimi Raikkonen will be replacing the German at the Scuderia. Another story on the same topic appears here on

I've never ever read the Bild and even if I could get a copy I don't understand German but by the look of their website, they're no better than The Sun tabloid in the UK. Whatever comes out of them must be taken with tablespoons of salt.

However, GrandPrix makes a valid point. Why did Ron Dennis have to go public a few months ago trying convince Kimi to stay with Woking in the long term?

Nevertheless, it is no secret that both Ross Brawn and Jean Todt fancies the Finnish driver in one of their cars. But its always been thought that this would only be the case when Michael retires.

Another interesting little tidbit surrounding the Schumacher-McLaren rumour is this latest article in ITV-F1. The Mole ties the rumours with Bernie Ecclestone's plans for a GP1 series that is to either be placed in between GP2 and Formula 1 or to replace Formula 1 entirely. Pitpass had this story a few weeks back discussing Bernie's possible plans for GP1.

Meanwhile according to, this is all simply a negotiation tactic by Schumacher and Willi Webber to get Ferrari to shell out some 50 million bucks a season for the 7 times world champion's continued service with Maranello. Thats serious money really. In fact I think its more than Minardi's budget for the whole season. What with Fiat being in serious financial distress, Ferrari can ill afford it.

However, I'd like to believe that Michael would stay true to the team he built and took to unprecedented success. After he doesn't really need anymore cash right? Surely, even in this modern world there is still some sense of honour and loyalty.

Well, you might believe that Michael wouldn't need any more dosh. I'm not so sure about Willi Webber though. The only manager to have a private jet, I wouldn't put it past him to want a nice little castle just like Mike. A 20% commission on 50 million bucks should be enough to pay for one. Jeez he gets paid more than most drivers. And all he does it talk.


Well, well. is running this story and this time its making no bones about it. Apparently sources say that a Kimi move to Maranello is sure to happen come 2007. However, it seems that Michael Schumacher will not be McLaren bound but is retiring at the end of 2006. Can't say anyone will be surprised by that. It seems a better than even chance that he will retire soon.

If this story is true, then I think Kimi is foolish for doing so. McLaren are on the up. Ferrari without Michael Schumacher just won't be the same. Kimi is a good driver but I'm not sure he's capable of leading the Ferrari team the way Michael does. In addition, once Michael retires so will Ross Brawn, another major asset to Maranello. My prediction is once these heavyweights retire, Ferrari will face another drought of championships.

Now who's looking good for a McLaren seat then? God I hope its not bloody Alex Wurz. He's overrated in my book and there's a reason why he was dropped by Benetton and now spends his time pounding the McLarens in testing. He's just not good enough.

All very well, but Ferrari are denying the rumours. Funny, they didn't have a problem when Jenson Button was linked to Maranello a few months ago. But they're getting worked up over this. Heh. Heh. Everyone's very strong on their denials. Something must be going on.

Watch this space.


cccp said...

agree on all your points.

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BE said...

Un grand salut du Maroc ,
Merci pour ce blog tres interessant...


Pranay Da Spyder said...

Yup. Raikonnen in Ferrari would be disappointing.

Here's what I would like,

Ferrari - Sato (brilliant driver, poor car right now), Montoya(great driver, poor team)

McLaren - Raikonnen (perfect as is), Button (needs better team!)

BAR - Coulthard (he's got a lot left yet!) + Karthikeyan(he's got potential!)

Renault - good as is!

Not much F1 here, but its my blog.

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