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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


The team in the news these days is Red Bull. Ever since taking over Jaguar Racing and this being the off season, the news is filled with their headlines. This is especially so with regards their driver selections.

First off the Coulthard-Red Bull courting ritual. I swear I'm not going to read anymore bullshit (pun fully intended) regarding these two. First the new owner, Dietrich Mateschitz says that they are not interested in Coulthard, prefering Heidfeld or Liuzzi. Next, he states that he'd like to re-consider Coulthard. Coulthard then hints that he might be a Red Bull driver soon. But in Dietrich's mind that he would prefer youth in the form of Liuzzi and Klein, even Heidfeld. He also would have liked Anthony Davidson too. Of course then Coulthard's motorhome arrives at Jerez and the Scot proceeds to annihiliate both the young 'uns. Which prompts Red Bull to say that perhaps "experience" is also important. But still, having youth is preferable.

Coulthard meanwhile is still hoping that a call from Grove will happen one of these days soon. But with Mario Thiessen making cheerleading noises about Nick Heidfeld, I don't see it forthcoming. Still Coulthard makes some cautious noises about a deal with Red Bull.

Dietrich Mateschitz goes on to proclaim that Coulthard's deal is all but done. Then his managing director at Red Bull David Pitchforth as lately saying that the deal with Coulthard "could still go wrong." Will he won't he? Will a Scottish backside be filling the Red Bull seat or will he be out on permanent gardening leave? God only knows. Whatever statement Red Bull comes out with next, I'm going to take a whole pile of salt with it.

An idea that Dietrich Mateschitz thinks is "conceivable" is the one where both Liuzzi and Klein share a seat at Red Bull. What the hell is this berk thinking? Liuzzi of course is none too pleased with that saying that it would be "counterproductive." Incidentally Liuzzi is thinking of a Williams drive(!) or perhaps a Jordan deal. Haven't heard anything from Frank about this but I doubt he'd like Ferrari's protege in his cars. Again, lead cheerleader Mario will also have things to say about his star quarterback Heidfeld.

Red Bull are spewing lots of crap. Is this simply some sort of publicity stunt. Nothing really to report on the track, so keep some sort of "excitement" going on off track instead. Or perhaps the British press are going overtime again with nothing else to cover but a British old age pensioner trying to get a seat in Formula 1.

Deck the halls with fields of holly. Teams have packed up only to return in January. With the lack of more F1 testing news I might just turn my attention to "other people" instead. Mwah ah ah ah.

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