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Friday, December 17, 2004

F1's Success = Bernie's Success?

In this story, Max Mosley defends the unprecendented 19 race calendar of 2005. Formula 1 teams are under enormous pressures during the summer as it is. Now with 6 races back to back they will probably be torn apart. The only mitigating factor is that most of the teams bar Ferrari have agreed for a reduction in testing. Whether or not they stick to this verbal agreement is another matter. If development calls for it, I believe some teams will drop it. BAR-Honda have hinted at this possibility especially if Ferrari goes testing unchecked.

I love this quote from Max: "Perhaps 19 races are too many, but F1's success dictates it." F1's success dictates it??!! Or is it Bernie's success that's dictating all this? Frankly speaking we don't need races in Bahrain and Turkey. As I've said in previous articles, what relevance have these countries got as far as racing is concerned. They don't even contribute to the automotive industry in general. So why do we need these Tilke designed dogs? Of course you know the answer to that. Their governments pay a helluva lot of cash for the "privilege" of running a Formula 1 Grand Prix. This trend of course was started by our very own Sepang based Malaysian Grand Prix.

Even races like Hungoraring should be dropped. Even the organizers themselves admit that race is a tremendous yawn fest. The organizers rely on off track gimmicks such as hookers in tents to spice it up. That's completely silly because whilst that may satisfy the 100,000 spectators or so on track, the 300 million or so spectators at home watching on TV can only fall asleep during the race. Or if they're lucky enough, have a good romp with their partners instead.

That's at least 3 races they can drop. The races are only there for Bernie's sake. Or as Mosley likes to put it for "F1's success." These are there to make money. They do nothing for the fans.

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