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Monday, November 22, 2004

Look Again Mario

Mario Thiessen of BMW Motorsport is frequently making comments in the news these days. In fact, I'd wager that he's more in the news than Patrick Head and Frank Williams put together. Read this article on I particularly like this quote: "This return to competitiveness was the result of a huge effort." BMW are blowing a lot of marketing spin these days. More than ever in fact, given their hugely disappointing season. I suppose they are making the best of things right now and are milking their Brazilian Grand Prix victory to the fullest. But let's get it right Mario. The only reason BMW Williams won the Brazilian Grand Prix was because Ferrari stopped developing their car. Ever since Monza I believe. Despite that, they still managed to whip you guys in China and Japan. Had Ferrari continued on their merry way and spent development time on the F2004, no one would be anywhere near them let alone be fighting for victory. Cut the crap Mario and just win it on the track, ok?

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