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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

4 More Years

The incumbent president of the world's most powerful nation has been re-elected. So you ask what effect has this on Formula 1? Well, if like me you believe that the incumbent has had a ruinous effect on the world's economy and security then Formula 1 would definitely be affected. OK so I don't really know what's going to happen in the next 4 years but if the past 4 is any indication, the world's economy will continue going downhill. It is ironic that people vote for the incumbent in the name of security, yet fear and uncertainty prevail around the world so long as the incumbent is in power. Who knows where the cowboy will ride to next on the advice of his scouts who tell him that injuns are right around that corner?

Formula 1 teams derive their income primarily through advertising from corporate sponsors. In recent years, advertising money is getting harder to find as corporations tighten their cash belts in the face of economic uncertainty. See mighty Ford who have recently pulled out of Formula 1 and have even decided to dispose of Cosworth in the process. It is tough for teams at the moment to survive in Formula 1. It must be even tougher for new teams to enter as well. Of course, by "enter" I mean being competitive not just doing a Minardi.

Should the current trend continue, I believe we could well see more teams being eliminated. Jordan and Minardi are obvious teams with pending exit visas. But let us not discount teams like Renault for instance, who have indicated that their involvement is subject to review beyond next year. Should the current economic siuation follow its current trend and cowboys roam the Earth picking fights, then who knows how long Formula 1 will survive as it is. Perhaps Mosley is right after all and cost cutting should be a huge issue. But it is a fine line to walk between making the sport more economically sound, improving the spectacle and not making the spot too artificial.

Economics aside, Michael Schumacher has been world champion with Ferrari ever since the incumbent took power. That is seasons 2000-2004. With the incumbent president around for another 4 more years, will we see Schumacher winning it for another 4 season? That I believe would really ruin Formula 1. I mean, even the most die hard Ferrari fan would be bored beyond belief.

Whatever it is, Formula 1 should brace itself for another 4 more years of hardship and uncertainty, as do us all. I am not sure what the people in the world's most powerful country are thinking about but the rest of the world are under no illusions. Its going to be tough when gun totting cowboys run around.

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