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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sauber on Michelins

Well the latest on the F1 grapevine is that either BAR or Toyota will switch to Bridgestones next year. I can't say I'm too surprised. BAR is practically the Honda team and will probably officially so sometime in the future. Both Honda and Toyota are of course Japanese. More importantly, given how Sauber has performed on the Bridgestones this year I'd say that both the Japanese teams will be giving this some deep consideration.

After last years performance dip, Bridgestone have recovered this year and by the record have murdered the Michelin teams once again. Of course, they do hide the fact that this year they have pretty muched aped the Michelins by going for a wider construction tyre, sacrificing some aerodynamic drag efficiency for more grip. So much for Ross Brawn telling us last year that Bridgestones have narrower constructions more in line with the spirit of the rules.

However, Sauber are rumoured to be switching to Michelins which makes make some sense. Not for them but for Ferrari. Sauber have long been Ferrari's bitch. Of course, Sauber will unzip their collective pants, bend over and supply all the Michelin data to their sugar mum.

Okay, that was a bit crass. But really, am I the only one who is sick to death of Ferrari's machinations? And really, it may be crass but its also going to be true. With all their monetary resources and facilities, do Ferrari really need to go stoop so low. I know the name of the game is to win. But as usual, this is about sport. There should be some modicum of fair play.

Peter Sauber should really have more sense of pride in him. After all, he began well in Formula 1. The first Sauber in 1994 was quite a quick little number. In those days of course they were powered by Ilmor and sporting the "Concept by Mercedes" legend on their airbox fairings. Now, he's resorted to merely surviving. Eddie Jordan stated that he could never be in nor understand Peter Sauber's position. That is to say, to be in a position where he has no chance of winning because their engines are second hand inferior Ferrari units.

Look elsewhere Peter. And I really hope Michelin does not give him their tyres no matter how inferior those tyres may be. Sigh. I guess my next set of tyres just might be Bridgestones.

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