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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Fuck Bernie Ecclestone

I promised never to put the four letter word on a headline on this Blog. Unfortunately, that greedy little shite Bernie Ecclestone has been so determined over the last few months, he's managed to do exactly that.

Ths issue at hand is of course the British Grand Prix. Todays headlines on simply states that the race is dead. You can read that headline here. What is more infuriating is that he's had the temerity and the audacity to state here, that the BRDC doesn't want the British Grand Prix. A longer take on the story can be found on Planet F1 here.

To quote Das Greedy Bernie: "You cannot keep trying to sell something to people who don't want to buy - it is a fact of business." Fuck you Bernie. It is you who doesn't want a British Grand Prix. It is you who so wish to take out classic events one by one, all in the name of your goddamned bank account. As you put it: "I have a country knocking down my door for a race who are prepared to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to build a state-of-the-art circuit for F1 in the 21st century, and make a guaranteed commitment to pay substantially more that we have agreed to accept from the BRDC."

So it's come down to this hasn't it? Governments desparate for attention with blank cheques to you get to run events on dreadfully bland circuits designed by your cohorts. All paid for by the taxpayers of those countires. The world championship is not all about money you fucking moron. It is at heart a sport. Something you obviously completely lost touch with. It is about testing the best drivers on the best DRIVERS circuits in the world. It is about entertaining spectators on both television and trackside with the true abilities of the Formula 1 cars and their drivers. It is something which your much vaunted "modern" circuits, those dogs called Sepang, Shanghai and Bahrain have consistently failed to do.

You have completely lost touch with those people who have actually supported and MADE the world championship to what it is today. The true racing fans who appreciate good RACING and not necessarily "modern" or "comfortable" circuits. All this in addition to provoking the anger of the other major part of the championship, that is the teams themselves. Their numbers grow smaller as years go by and as your pocket grows fatter with fans', taxpayers' and advertisers' cash.

We yearn for a good championship every year. And every year you do something to take that championship away from us. This is exactly what happens when greed and corruption persists. You love dealing with corrupt governments and greedy corporations. And it is their people and the fans of Formula 1 that pay the price.

Formula 1 would simply not be Formula 1 without the "core" races like the British, French, Italian, San Marino, Belgian, Japanese and Spanish Grands Prix. These are the birth events of the championship, the heart of the motor racing world. All the great world champions cut their teeth in the junior formulae in these countries. And it is in these countries that future world champions are made, no matter where they come from. It is in these countries that the teams come from and where competitors from around the world want to succeed in.

Just who gives a fuck about a stupid Turkish Grand Prix or an Indian or Pakistani Grand Prix? Just what is Bahrain's claim on the motorsport industry as a whole let alone the automotive industry? Just a sand dune full of people with too much money driving posh cars. Nothing more. For that matter, why persist with the Hungarian Grand Prix on that mickey mouse circuit?

The pinnacle of motorsport should be about the RACING. Not about country promotion or greedy businessmen chasing the money. The money people in countries like Malaysia, Turkey, Bahrain just don't have a clue about racing. Nor do any of the corporate people you like to hang out with. The fans know. You just won't listen to us.

The Formula 1 world championship has become increasingly a boring corporate driven market place. The fans are simply sick and tired of you Bernie. I for one, hope you will die soon enough, you short old greedy fart; Since it doesn't look like you will step aside, what with your 100 year contract to run Formula 1.


Stevo_J said...

You're damn right. By removing the British grand prix from the calendar he's going to piss off one of the biggest fan groups F1 has. Why keep a race running in America, where people tend to prefer their own, homegrown inbred sports and take it from it's birthplace in the UK?

Anonymous said...

Bernie has all but ruined Grand Prix racing, by his insistence to move it out of Europe. All we can hope for is that the old wrinkled weasel dies soon and that someone comes to their senses and rebuilds this great sport.

Anonymous said...

well 4 years your comments i think you should take bak your america bashing since he took it out of america as well. First the states. And now montreal. The montreal race was making profits too. AND under contract untill 2011.

The truth is that old SOB is getting bags filled with cash from corrupt countries... he ruined the sport.

Anonymous said...

Well he has done it again, like anyone is going to watch half a season.

He can go to hell now along with F1, I hope he gets what he deserves

Anonymous said...

what ?? pakistan ?? they don't even have roads , forget about F1 circuit,they just have islamic terrorists.
And you are wrong in looking down at India grand prix, just because you feel so in your wisdom.
India have made one of the most challenging track which tests the limits of the drivers and the machine.
Kindly do research before insanely looking down on any other nations grand prix. All have right and capacity to organize a better race.
I agree that bahrain, malaysia, china tracks are useless and least exciting. But then, you can not say the same for all other nations track, kindly research more before making such statements, don't get touchy.

Qwerty said...

Well the Indian GP is dead and good riddance. I will admit the track did have a good layout. But I just dont think a grand prix should have been held there.

And its my blog so I can say whatever the hell I want to.