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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Situation Normal All F***ed Up

Well it didn't take long did it? Back in June during the British Grand Prix and at the height of the FOTA-FIA/FOM war, in order to appease fans, drivers and teams Bernie Ecclestone had stated a number of times that the British Grand Prix would remain and in fact could even remain at Silverstone.

But of course now that the teams have (stupidly) signed up with the FIA, Bernie is back to his worst. Obviously he doesn't give a shit about the best things in Formula 1. All he cares about is money for himself and those bastards, CVC.

Instead of trying to ensure the preservation of one of the oldest races on the calendar, he threatens the only venue that is currently equipped to hold the race. Bernie, I hope you die soon, you greedy old fart.


Nico said...

Slightly harsh. Bernie Ecclestone is not the best person, but he has done wonders for the sport. His methods may be harsh, in fact they are very harsh but by putting the event under pressure he motivated the BRDC to make the improvements to the circuit.

Love or hate his methods, he has done well by Formula 1

Anonymous said...

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Carl Matty said...

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