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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Need More Be Said?

Well I guess you've heard it by now. All eight FOTA teams recently walked out of a meeting with the FIA on the 2010 rules. I'll leave it to you to read the articles in the Guardian and another in Pitpass. Should it come as a surprise?

By any means possible, Max Mosley wants nothing more than to impose himself on Formula 1. This has happened before and through some really sneaky chicanery and technicalities (typical of a lawyer) he's managed to exclude the FOTA teams from the rule making and instead involved the new teams Manor, Campos and USF1 plus the traitor Williams and wannabe Force India. Which was always his intention.

Shame on those who had argued for compromise. For really, there is no peace and compromise possible as long as that dictator stands as head of a long corrupt organisation. Nothing but a hard line is required in dealing with Premier Max. And for the good of grand prix racing (for the lack of a better word to signify motorsport's pinnacle) there has to be a fresh start, from ground up, focussing on fundamentals. Not this rehashing and replaying of a broken record that is the FIA Formula 1. To hell with sentiments. It was a good run while it lasted and now the time has blow away the cobwebs of entrenched and vested greed and ego. Are you listening already? The powers will do just that, try to keep their power and try to impose their will regardless of any form of process or good governance. Never mind also, that the old senile men and these old institutions spell the death of the sport as we know it.

And so precious time has been wasted in the hopes of some false peace. Time that could have been better spent planning for a breakaway series that fully caters to the needs of the teams and spectators instead.

I really grow tired of this. Tired of saying it again and again. I told you so, idiots.

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