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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Minardi Wins!!!

What a fantastic result for true motor racing fans. I always knew that Vettel chap was quick but to win a grand prix in what really is the Minardi team is absolutely unbelievable, as the man himself was moved to say.

There are several interesting aspects to this story for me personally. The Toro Rosso team in reality is the old Minardi team. They're still based in Faenza. Despite the Red Bull money, the still have around 15% the headcount of McLaren and Ferrari. They are in fact the customer team to a non-manufacturer team, Red Bull Racing. The person who must be more than proud and vindicated must be Adrian Newey. After the altercations with Geoff Willis in past races, he must be feeling quite good about himself. It is after all his car.

The story today proves that if customer cars were allowed, a privately run but well financed team can take on the works cars. Especially in this case, they are allowed the latest Red Bull chassis allied to a decent engine. In Toro Rosso's case, they took on and beat the works Red Bulls and the works Ferraris. I seriously think the silly rules banning customer cars should be rethought of. For really, its fun to watch the customers beat the works cars.

Another aspect to today's events must be Sebastien himself. He failed to finish the first four races of the year but in all of the four looked mighty indeed running firmly in the points. Today's result was no fluke. He had the pace to win the race. Given the chance he took it. I have full respect for drivers who cut their teeth in the smaller teams and still manage to look good. Fernando, Kimi, even that retard Massa cut their teeth in teams such as Sauber (pre BMW) and of course Minardi. That punk Hamilton got spoon fed a McLaren. I'd like to see him perform to such a level driving a Toro Rosso or Force India. Sebastien has managed to impress everyone by winning in the tiniest team in the paddock. That is incredibly impressive stuff and all the kudos and respect to the young fellow. If ever there is an obvious candidate for future world champion, it would be Sebastien. Hamilton may win it this year but his punk style bully boy driving wins him no favours nor respect among his fellow drivers. Neither does it impress me.

Team boss Gerhard Berger has been feeling the pressure lately. Toro Ross will have to both design and build the cars for next year. Mateschitz has been making noises about selling off his share of Toro Rosso. And yet now, its the Toro Rossos that have gifted him the first win. Gerhard Berger was one of my favourite drivers back in the day and its so great to see him winning as a team boss. Absolutely fantastic.

If Toro Rosso does not go from strength to strength from hereon due to a lack of backing, motor racing fans should really mourn. Another team I felt could have achieved a result of this magnitude was Super Aguri had they been given proper financing and the sort of support Toro Rosso enjoys from Red Bull technology. That is to say, being given the latest Honda technologies instead of obsolete items.

Without taking anything away from the likes of McLaren and BMW, it is teams such as Super Aguri and Toro Rosso, backed up by a pure passion for racing that really deserves results such as today. And Formula 1 would do well to ensure that not only Toro Rosso survives but the smaller teams should be given sufficient backing to allow them to effectively compete for poles and wins.

This is a great day. Great for the little team from Faenza. A giant result for Formula 1 and motor racing as a whole. May there be more to come.


Francisco said...

Good for Vettel, Berger, Toro Rosso, Faenza, etc.

It's good this sort of things happen! :-)

mr bungle said...

hey man first time i read your article but good write up. i was happy for the minardi team as i still see them that way. i miss them alot, im a aussie so you may remeber our very own australian paul stoddart owning the team for there last coupke of years and putting mark webber into the seat and mark getting his first points on debut, he ran 5th in our melbourne f1 gp. fuk i love this team and there commitment to racing even though there wins points are few and far between. actually now that i think of it minardi never ever won a race. so this is there first one. awsome for them keep up the good work. feel free to reply me at

james pandreson said...

The season for Minardi Team USA keeps getting better and better as Robert Doornbos snatches the team's first victory at Mont-Tremblant. The Dutchman, who departed from the 5th spot on the grid pipped serial ChampCar champion Sebastien Bourdais to take his first victory and move to a shared top spot in the championship standings.

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