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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Strangely Familiar

So Max won the vote. Well I guess most of us expected such a thing despite many, many reasons (aside from dubious sex charges) to get rid of him. But whats interesting is the way he won. The big clubs that make up the membership of the FIA include the Amercian Autombile Association and the German auto club ADAC. The few big clubs together represent that vast majority of motorists (and presumably motorsport participants). And yet, each of these clubs get just one vote, the same as any other affiliate however tiny these are.

This of course led Bernie to a snipe at African clubs sending votes Max's way which has angered the African clubs. Well, the Africans can protest all they want but it still rings true. The smaller clubs (African or otherwise) need the FIA (or specifically Max) to send good things their way. Some of course, are hoping to receive or keep their grands prix and other motorsport and motoring events. And guess who they voted for?

All this sounds oddly like a certain presidential election eight years ago where because of the collegiate system caused the guy who got the majority of popular votes to lose and instead a complete moron and his cronies took charge of the world's most powerful armed forces to deadly consequences for 600,000 people (including his own) in the Middle East. All of course on some incredibly spurious reason that all of the rest of the world doubted but was sold and bought wholesale through the media by the moron's charges. So much for championing democracy. Its full of shit. I of course digress here but I just had to put that in.

As for what happens now to motor racing in all forms is anyone's guess.

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steven said...

Agreed. The so-called democracies in the FIA and the United States are totally screwed up and undemocratic. It is disappointing that there isn't any real opposition to either of those systems. I think this is what happens when you try to have one leader who has power over a huge territory. As a liberal Californian who does not agree with anything my president does, or what the people of the South believe in, I think America really should be split into several countries. Likewise, the FIA should split into sporting and civilian divisions, and have multiple presidents.