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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fair and Consistent Application

Well, lots of people are anxiously waiting for the events before the World Council in Paris. As usual, there are plenty of different viewpoints. However, it would seem that most people seem to be behind the McLaren team on this one. I for one think that Ron Dennis is an honourable person and so is his team in general and therefore this whole affair ought to be thrown away.

However, as some people might say and I know dumbass tifosis count among these people, the law is the law and if McLaren are found guilty then they should face some heavy penalties. A sentiment that is shared by the Ferrari and Fiat overlords, Todt and Montezemolo. Luca was quoted as saying that should the results favour the Woking team then the championship would be won in a manner that is "not loyal and not sport." Right, like the way Indianapolis 2005 was won in a manner that reflected the best ideals of sport. Takes one to know one Luca and of course you would brand McLaren in that way for thats the way Ferrari really are.

Still, the law is the law and there are those who believe that the law is rather like a prescription to be followed to the letter. If this is to be the case then so be it. However, I would like to see that this application is done in a consistent and fair manner. For at the moment it would seem that whenever a judgement is to be taken against some (in this case McLaren) then the interpretation is to the letter. And for others (as in the case of Ferrari countless of times in the past) then it is interpreted in the spirit of things.

However, one cannot ignore the view of other team bosses (past and present) in this matter. Such as those recently expressed by Paul Stoddard for instance. Former Stewart Grand Prix boss Jackie Stewart and Frank Williams have also joined in the chorus of disapproval.

The tabloid of the internet racing media, PlanetF1, have some interesting articles here and here.

This whole affair stinks. And really there is nothing more for me to add that hasn't already been said by all the media. Some are expecting McLaren to fall. But heck I don't think Ferrari gives a shit. They of course do enjoy their hollow victories. We should all be jeering.

I need to renew my subscription to Racefax I think. Should have interesting takes on the situation.

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Don Speekingleesh said...

Actually RaceFax think McLaren should have been punished for using Stepney's whistle blowing info about Ferrari's illegal car at Melbourne. Never mind the 780 page document.
And the most recent article suggests that if the drivers knew anything of value to the FIA, then the rest of the team must have known too, because the drivers are only contractors. Which is not exactly solid logic.