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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sidewalls And The Dumbing Down Of F1

I found this great article on Linksheaven recently that discusses the latest moves to colour the sidewalls on Formula 1 tyres to differentiate between compounds. It was well thought out and it pulled no punches.

Formula 1 has or is being changed drastically. I would say that in the next five years it would be beyond recognition to the sport I first watched all those years ago. And all for what? Well, Linksheaven (at least in part) has explained it quite nicely in its concise article.

The article mention the dumbing down of grand prix racing to attract the so-called casual fans to the sport and by extension to bring in more revenues. Oh yes, how can one disagree that money and profit are perhaps the only attraction these days. Especially when you speak of CVC and Bernie Ecclestone.

Linksheaven mentions Max Mosley and I would argue that being joined at the hip with Bernie, he would be in full support of any measure to bring in more revenues. However, I believe Max is more motivated by power and image. And therefore witness the attempts to change what is essentially a gloriously rebellious, indulgent, anti-social activity into some sort of green car laboratory.

These miscelleneous goals are in contrary to what the Formula 1 should be which is motorsport in its ultimate form. And since when was motorsport about going green or making money? Motorsport has always been since its early days all about spending money and going fast.

Well, I am glad to see some bloggers (and publications) taking a stand and not afraid to express their true feelings with some colour, instead of so desperately trying to be the next Nigel Roebuck or worse still agreeing to everything the FIA throws at them.

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