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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Look Back At Super Touring

One for the Super Touring fan. This video below is vintage BTCC from the days when it was still running to the Class 2 Super Touring rules. I found it thanks to the folks at Chequered Flag Motorsport. This one features former grand prix runners "Our Nige" and Derek Warwick.

Here's another one from the 1992 season, which in the end was won by Tim Harvey in the BMW 318is. The video features that demon wheelman, Steve Soper in an infamous incident with John Cleland. Listen to the cars. You can hardly hear the exhausts, the dominant sound being the induction roar from those individual throttle bodies. Brilliant.

No thoughts of political correctness over here. John Cleland making his feelings known in no uncertain terms, whilst Murray Walker exclaims "I'm going for first!" Classic. Racing should always be like this.

For more on Super Touring you can also visit the Super Touring Register. Though I am a little disappointed that it only goes back to the 1995 season.

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