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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well Well Well....

Very interesting story concerning Bernie Ecclestone's recent comments in The Bild. According to the article Bernie describes the Alonso penalty as a farce. Whilst not going so far as to call it a 'fix' nevertheless he admits that "Ferrari is the only team 'that gets political support' from the FIA." I'm sorry Bernie, would you please repeat that? There are some mindless scarlet fans out there who didn't quite hear you. Now, shall we wait for Bernie to give a statement claiming that his comments were merely jest?

In a related story Pitpass discusses the F-word. Perception according to them is everything and the mere perception that the sport is rigged could have serious reprecussions. Good read.

Meanwhile our friend Checkpoint10 has decided to take a little sabbatical from blogging but leaves us with his vision of racing. Something he's asked me to do once before but I have yet to come to that. Hopefully someday when I've stopped being so angry with the current situation. Hope to see you again soon mate!

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