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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hungarian Splash

OK I have to confess, I did watch the Hungarian Grand Prix last weekend. Now look. What else would you have me do whilst having my dinner in front of the telly that night? Watch Oprah? No bloody way. I'd already watched Snatch countless of times before so dinner entertainment would have to be the race. Of course I expected to switch off once I finished my meal given that its Hungary. Surprisingly, the race was actually quite a fun one to watch.

Reading the comments on PlanetF1 after the race, I was quite surprised to see that many people thought the Jense was merely lucky to have won the event. The argument goes that the big three Raikkonen, Alonso and Schumi all retired and thats the only way he could have won. Are these fools on crack or something? Perhaps they too think that vibrating wing mirrors give some sort of unfair aero advantage.

For starters, Raikkonen could hardly keep his own teammate and eventual runner up from catching him. How on Earth would he have finished ahead of Jenson at the finish is beyond me. And Michael? Hmmm.... alright blame the Bridgestone rubber for his snail's pace at the start, putting paid to his chances overall. But before he retired, hadn't he already been passed by both de la Rosa and Heidfeld? Yes, Alonso lost his nut but he was inexorably being caught by Jenson before his stop. I doubt if he could do anything to keep the Briton behind. Come on people, I'm not a big Jenson fan but he absolutely deserved this win.

Michael Schumacher's first incident at the chicane involving Pedro de la Rosa was clearly another case of cheating from the multi world champion. He did gain an advantage by cutting right across the chicane but instead of yielding the position to de la Rosa, he elected to cover his line and continue on his merry way. All this when it was clear that de la Rosa had the inside line on the entry and was poised to rob the German of his position.

Never mind that Pedro eventually succeeded in passing him. Pedro need not have to go on taking risks when the position was already rightfully his. Never mind that Michael then failed in his attempt to keep Nick Heidfeld at bay and had his suspension tagged beyond repair. He should have been docked his one point because not for the first time this season has Das Prick flaunted the regulations deliberately.

Putting all this aside now, one could hardly fail to notice just how poor those Bridgestone tyres are in the wet. I'm pretty sure everyone on those tyres had at one point or another a spin or two. Even the so-called "Regenmeister" Schumacher. Well, it was pretty damned wet in Donington 1993 too but I remember the winner kept it all together quite nicely..... I remain unconvinced of Michael's ultimate ability in the wet. Good? Of course. Better than all of the current crop for sure. But Rain Master? No. Not quite.

All in all quite entertaining and its always good to welcome someone else into the winner's circle.

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