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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rebels And CVC

Well, as I expected, the GPMA teams have signed up with the FIA for the 2008 world championship. Of course, they were always going to do this. And why not? It just makes sense to hedge their bets and at least be in a position to discuss the future rules and regulations that are yet to be finalised. In the meantime, the negotiations with the 'commercial rights holders' are on-going although the signs are that these have been positive. This whole saga is not complete until the teams sign on to the new Concorde.

Another reason for optimism is that the GPMA have expressed their approval at the CVC purchase and subsequent approval of the sale by the EU. And today CVC have confirmed their purchase of the Formula 1 commercial rights.

As I said, the whole episode doesn't end until the GPMA teams sign up the Concorde. And of course, the FIA must approve the GPMA entries. However, I shouldn't think that this wouold be a problem for Bernie. After all, the 2008 sporting regulations virtually eliminates all references to the Concorde Agreement. That means that the FIA will have sole discretion to formulate the rules, an option that was not (theoretically) possible under the current Concorde Agreement. One could therefore assume that the 2008 Concorde deals solely with commercial aspects with no references to rights to rule making.

This is what the FIA read Max Mosley wants. Ironic isn't it? Back in the 80s, the FOCA led by Bernie and Max fought hard for the rights of the teams to come up with the technical regulations. Now it seems now that they are in power, they want it all back to the FIA.

Lots of people say that the teams can't be trusted to come to decisions on the regulations. And to some extent, they are correct. The teams are always bickering amongst themselves. When it comes to the teams PlanetF1 for instance loves to use the phrase: "there are no principles just vested interest." Alright then, we now have a dictatorial situation with the FIA fully deciding all the technical regulations (with "consultation" with Ferr... with the teams). But then these people should then not complain when the FIA makes up dumb rules. (A subject for another post)

So with power back in the hands of the FIA, Mosley should have no problems accepting the GPMA team entries. Unless of course, you really believe, that Mosley, for whatever reason, wants them all out in which case whats to stop the FIA from rejecting their entries? Or unless they all can't agree to the commercial terms. That is not something CVC would want however, whatever Bernie gets up to. I think CVC will fold agree to whatever the teams want. Whatever Max's issues with the manufacturers, I think in the long run, Formula 1 needs these guys as well.

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