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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Birds Of A Feather

I have been and continue to be tied up with professional commitments in recent weeks and hence the lack of updates on this blog. However, this story is too amusing that I just had to have a say. Or should I say, have a laugh.

It seems that the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan is, like many attention seeking third world nations, looking to construct a race track as a way to boost its international profile and attract tourists.

To that end the Transport Minister has come down to good old Malaysia and specifically toured the Sepang circuit to get a view of things. Apparently he's been .... sufficiently impressed enough to want Malaysian expertise .... in organizing the circuit and races. I guess he means Malaysian Airports Berhad (MAB). MAB??? Experts???!!! Organizing races??!! Thats the best laugh I have had in months.

In the first place what sort of races do MAB organize? The Super Series where absolutely nobody comes to watch? Or the so called premier event called the Merdeka Mellenium Endurance where even fewer turn up? The same folks who run Sepang circuit and are under investigation for corruption?

Lest anyone would point at the Formula 1 event that is held year after year at Sepang, MAB have very little to do with running that show. The Formula One Administration takes over the entire event for its entire duration. Thats Bernie's gig, thank you very much.

Given that corruption and scandals also affect Kazakhstan I suppose its only natural they'd seek aid from those who wear the same colours. I guess the rich but driving-talent challenged businessmen in Kazakhstan also want to have a good romp in races catered solely for their self glorification. Wonder whats the equivalent of a Datuk (and attendant cronies) over there...

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