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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Heil Mosley

Given his reign as the FIA president, I'm not sure how Max Mosley would respond to this story in The Guardian. His father, Sir Oswald Mosley, has been named by academics as one of the 10 worst Britons in the last 1000 years. This dubious honour is shared with the likes of Jack The Ripper and King John.

Sir Oswald, a former member of parliament is notorious for founding the British Union of Facists. His second wedding to his mistress, Diana Guiness (mother to Max) was apparently held at the home of one Joseph Goebbels with none other than Der Fuhrer himself in attendance.

According to this entry in Wikipedia, after unsuccessfully trying to advance in both the Conservative and Labour parties in the UK, Sir Oswald " went on a study tour of the 'new movements' of Mussolini and other Fascists, and returned convinced that it was the way forward for him and for Britain. He determined to unite the existing fascist movements and created the British Union of Fascists (BUF) in 1932. The BUF was anti-Communist and protectionist. It claimed membership as high as 50,000, and had the Daily Mail among its earliest supporters."

Fast forward to 2005, son Max Mosley rules the FIA like the notorious Fuhrer and has no competition or challengers within his organization. Who would dare go up against him? The political equivalent of a firing squad awaits such insolence. Not even the racing press speaks so freely against The Man lest their media passes be revoked. I wonder, is Mein Kampf a favourite read of his?

There is even a new Axis, the members consisting of the FIA, FOM and Ferrari (hmmm... these Italians love this sort of thing too don't they?) and the ranks have swollen lately.

Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!

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