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Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Gift To Sportscar Fans

Sports Prototype fans should head over to Mulsanne Corner. Its an excellent website that walks the user through a whole host of sportscars old and new. Furthermore, it provides lots of interesting technical details on each one of them. The authors display a very high level of technical knowledge that makes the site simply one of the best around.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading details of my favourite cars like the Audi R8, Ferrari 333SP (I'm not a big Ferrari fan but I have a soft spot for this race car), Bentley Speed 8 and BMW LMR V12 (built by Williams). Mulsanne Corner even features interviews with racing car designers, like Peter Elleray, designer of the Bentley EXP.

If I have a wish, it would be for more reviews of old Group C cars like the Jaguar XJR 6/8/9 et al, Toyota 88CV and perhaps one of the most famous and successful one of them all the Porsche 956/962. I know Mulsanne does cover the Joest machine but thats a 1993 model and basically more akin to Richard Lloyd Racing's much modified Porsche 962 GTI. I'd like to see a feature on Joest's 1985 Le Mans winning 956.

The site has actually been around since 2003 but this is the first time I've discovered it but I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time on it. There's plenty of cars to read about.

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