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Sunday, May 01, 2005

What The Bookies Say

Not a betting man myself but its interesting to note what prices the bookmakers set for the Formula 1 World Championship. I looked at two bookmakers from the UK, William Hill and Ladbrokes. As of today with 4 races gone here are the odds:

William Hill

Drivers Championship

F Alonso 8/15
Michael Schumacher 6/4
K Raikkonen 14/1
G Fisichella 25/1
J Trulli 33/1
R Barrichello 33/1
J P Montoya 50/1
J Button 50/1
Ralf Schumacher 100/1
M Webber 100/1
N Heidfeld 150/1
D Coulthard 200/1


Renault 4/9
Ferrari 7/4
McLaren 12/1
Toyota 25/1
Williams 100/1
B A R 100/1


Drivers Championship

F Alonso 4/9
M Schumacher 7/4
K Raikkonen 16/1
J P Montoya 25/1
R Barrichello 33/1
G Fisichella 40/1
J Button 66/1
J Trulli 66/1
M Webber 100/1
N Heidfeld 100/1
R Schumacher 100/1


Renault 8/15
Ferrari 15/8
McLaren 7/1
Toyota 40/1
BAR 66/1
Williams 66/1

Can't say that I agree with Renault winning the constructor's world championship what with Fisichella's problems but certainly Alonso is looking good for the title. Michael Schumacher of course, cannot be discounted now that the Ferrari is back on track. But spare a thought for young Raikkonen. He's practically in the same boat as Michael. I believe his car is just as quick if not as reliable. If I were a betting person, I'd place some cash on him. Don't know why JPM is 25/1 according to Ladbrokes. With all the races he's missed and possibly missing Spain as well, I'd say Fisichella has better chances than he does.

No Minardi drivers on the list, but what are the odds huh? Nevertheless, Coulthard's odds at 200 to 1 is quite insulting. Someone once told me that the bookies give odds of 180 to 1 for the discovery of the Loch Ness monster and the same if aliens landed on the white house lawn to shake the president's hand.

Even so, BMW-Williams at 100/1 for the constructor's title looks overly long.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to base an article on this ! I love the thought of the Loch Ness Monster being more likely than a DC World title !
Nice one..

Rob at Grand Prix