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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

More Racing In Asia

Asia currently hosts four rounds of the Formula 1 world championship. These venues are Sepang, Bahrain, Shanghai and Suzuka. There are others waiting in the wings.

There has been talk about holding an Indian Grand Prix for some time now. Although recently the idea was quite wisely turned down citing a lack of infrastructure for support. However, this story on tells the story of Chennai's bid for a race.

According to more stories here and here, even Singapore is looking to host a round. More can be found here and here on The Electric New Paper (Singapore). The report on Electric suggests a race to be held in 2007. Not very long from now.

According to reports, the Singapore Motor Sports Association is currently working with the GT Association to host a street race for the Super GT (formerly known as Japan GT). But our Southern neighbours here in Malaysia are never one to be outdone, so they're looking to host a Singapore Grand Prix as well.

As for holding a street race, I should think Singapore's wide streets and boulevards would be better equipped than say Monaco or London to hold an event. Plus with the city state being a hub for international air traffic, access from Europe and America would be dead simple. I know F1 fans in Malaysia wouldn't mind the prospect of another Grand Prix so close to home.

Anyway, what puzzles me is's statement and I quote: "The future of the Malaysian Grand Prix is not officially in doubt for some years to come but the Sepang circuit in Kuala Lumpur is not having the effect intended (at least not obviously)."

What exactly do they mean by "not having the effect intended?" What effect would that be? I can think of a few things but I'm curious to know their point. But perhaps this article can shed some light.

With the calendar being 19 races this year, surely the FIA cannot be serious in wanting to extend that any further. So the question is, who will get axed? Silverstone perhaps? Always been Bernie's favourite for the chop.

And with the GPWC making headlines and the future of F1 in doubt, will there indeed be any F1 races (in its current form) left to run after 2007?

In other news, Champcars is making its way to Beijing, China. In addition a street race in Hokkaido is also possible.

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