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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Liuzzi, As we predicted

As I predicted here Vitantonio Liuzzi is steadily and surely making his way into Formula 1. A Sauber employee has stated that Vitantonio has had a seat fitting with the Hinwil concern. Read more about it here. Apparently according to the F1 article, Ferrari may be interested in employing another tester. So, a place for Vitantonio may be on the cards at the "Ferrari Junior" racing team of Sauber... ugh... Petronas, really Ferrari. No I'll stick to its real name Sauber Ferrari.

Vitantonio scored a pole position at Spa this weekend. Although he didn't win the race, he managed a second position which was enough to win the championship. Eight race victories so far this year have really caught the eye of a lot of people. Paul Stoddart among others. Ferrari, despite Jean Todt's denials are definitely intrested in this man as well.

I would imagine once Michael retires, they will also fire Rubens Barrichello and slot in either Fernando Alonso or Kimi Raikkonen in one seat and if Vitantonio does well, slot him in the other Ferrari. Ross Brawn this weekend admitting as much at least in regards Alonso and Raikkonen. They have their eyes on these two as well. Over Ron Dennis' and Flavio Briatore's dead bodies I would imagine. But Ferrari have ways to get their man.

Perhaps an all Italian Ferrari squad would also be on the cards? After all, Giancarlo Fisichella makes no secret about his desire for a red car. It would be very interesting to see how he matches Alonso at Renault next year. Fisichella has just about dominated all his team mates in Formula 1. He destroyed Ralf Schumacher and he nearly destroyed Jenson Button's career as well when he partnered them. Will he do the same to Alonso? I would imagine a very tough rivalry will be on. Alonso after all is also Briatore's charge.

A place at Sauber would I think place Liuzzi in a very strategic position. The last karting man in there went on to a McLaren drive after just a single season. I really relish watching the 2002 world kart champion in the Sauber to see how he races. I can imagine some spectacle here. Vitantonio's maiden season in car racing in the 2003 German Formula 3 championship I believe was a place where he got used to the idea of driving cars for a change. Cars with gear changes to perform. Now in 2004, I believe he has fully got the hang of things. I fully believe he would rule Formula 1 should he get his chances. Here's hoping.

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