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Monday, June 07, 2004

Same Old Same Old

Have a look at or Autosport's headlines these days and you will inevitably find drivers comments about their preparations for the next race or next few races. Invariably you find the same headlines being repeated: "Montoya looking forward to Canada," or "Sato looking forward to Canada." You also find similar quotes like "we have been working very hard to find a right set up for the next race."

It seems there is a standard party line from teams' PR department to their drivers, who simply parrot these same quotes again and again before each race. It is becoming quite stale and yawningly boring. I wish these guys had something to SAY everytime they speak. What comes out of their mouths these days are just pure PR talk.

I hate to say it again, but this is just another sign of the corporate takeover of Formula 1. And I hate to say it again, that I wish for times past when drivers were more free to say what the hell they wanted. And they usually did.

Ralf Schumacher's quote here, JPM's quote here are just sooo upbeat and touchy feely aren't they? I suppose they have corporate sponsors HP to appease but I sure wish they'd just call it like it really is. The Williams FW26 is a dog. Fighting for scraps are all that they can really hope to achieve.

This headline is the same as Ralf's Schumacher's. Both him and Heidfeld are "looking forward to Canada." Please Nick. What do you really have to look forward to? Positive preparations? You've been kicked out of a middle rate team into a bottom feeder, and if someone else comes along with a bucket load of cash you're gonna be kicked out of that too.

I think the sport could really use Jacques Villeneuve here. Even Juan Pablo Montoya it seems is towing the corporate line. Perhaps I think he's just tired and quite fed up of waiting for a chance of having a good car from the start of the season.

At least Martin Witmarsh has the guts to admit here that McLaren are really in shambles. Tell us something we don't already know Martin. Like has Adrian Newey really lost it now? Like when are you going to get fired? Or when Mercedes will actually do something about their damned engines. Why don't you come out and tell us that all this corporate pampering is really damaging the focus of your team. Like that new tech centre seems a waste of cash.

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