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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Ralf Schumacher: You're a lemon

I am watching the Monaco Grand Prix as we watch this and they're still under a safety car period after Fernando Alonso's accident in the tunnel. Oh and by the way, at this time Michael Schumacher has just been bumped by Juan Pablo Montoya into the tunnel wall. He's broken his car's nose and his wishbone is broken. He's out. Hooray! He's pretty mad though. He's just slammed something in the Ferrari pits.

Anyways, Ralf was the cause of Alonso's accident. By the looks of things he must have been super slow in the tunnel and caught Alonso by surprise. Alonso, albeit foolishly tried to pass him on the outside in the tunnel, ran into the marbles and slammed on the outside of the tunnel. Really, if he was going to be slow then Ralf Schumacher should have been the one letting Alonso through by staying on the outside himself. He's been such a nuisance this whole race this Ralf Schumacher has been.

Thankfully, Montoya took Michael out but otherwise that could have been a major decisive factor against a Renault win, possibly. But this isn't the point of this post. I just have to speak out against Ralf. Yes, he's been criticized quite heavily already during this Monaco weekend. But this is justified I think.

Let's look at his early career in Formula 1. Totally outclassed by Giancarlo Fisichella in the Jordan team in 1997. He was then picked up by Williams in 1999. He's never really impressed the way his brother has and in fact has proven to be absolutely beatable. Yet, here he is now demanding an exorbitant salary from Frank Williams with the aid of his glutton manager, Willi Webber.

Ralf Schumacher is not his brother. Not by a long shot. And I do not give much regarding his technical abilities neither, also unlike his brother. Really the only thing he's got that's better than Michael Schumacher is his porn star looking wife. His performances this season has not impressed at all although to his credit the 2004 Williams looks like and probably is a dog.

Overall, he's a lemon demanding a world champion's salary. And if he doesn't get it at Williams, word has it that he'll move to Toyota. I should think Toyota would probably be better off spending that money on the car and recruiting a driver who's better value for money. David Coulthard for instance is one man who could really spearhead the development of the Toyota. Jacques Villeneuve is another.

Incidents like this at Monaco does his reputation little good and really, I have to say that I've always had reservations about Ralf and he should not be in Formula 1 at all.

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